Mercure Blankenberge makes every effort to do our part to contribute to a sustainable future for hospitality. We want to do this in a way that does not sacrifice comfort or affordability for our guests.

All our employees are committed to carrying out their tasks, taking into account a few rules in order to be more sustainable. Furthermore, we also motivate our guests with some small tips.

Mercure Blankenberge complies with Flemish environmental laws and regulations, but also wants to go a step further. Below you can read about our main pillars.

Our main pillars are:

  1. Go Green, skip the clean
    Go Green, skip the clean is an invitation to our guests to lower our carbon footprint. This by offering 100 extra accorpoints per day when the room is not cleaned during a stay longer than one night.
  2. Save energy & water
    All our showers, faucets and toilets are equipped with energy-saving heads. This while maintaining quality and feeling of comfort.

    The staff actively works to save energy, including turning off or reducing air conditioning/heating in rooms that are not in use. Furthermore, LED or energy-saving light bulbs are used.
  3. Avoid waste
    Mercure Blankenberge tries to avoid waste as much as possible by, for example, printing only when necessary, using little to no single-use plastics and avoiding food waste through its partnership with Too Good To Go.
  4. Recycled, biodegradable & ecologic materials
    The hotel uses only recycled, biodegradable or ecological guest supplies and cleaning products.
  5. Responsible waste management
    Everyone in the hotel actively contributes to the correct sorting of waste. Hotel guests are also motivated to do so.